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The 16th of January 2022, we had to say goodbye to Jeanine, my grandmother.

I was going through old photos that I have of her, whilst looking closely I actually found myself through the way she dressed, her style and her smile. I realized quickly that fashion is an eternal restart. Her era intrigues me, the French elegance and chicness, the comfort. It was essential to transmit through this brand a similar background, a simple yet timeless, elegant wardrobe that can suit all ages and all body types. Behind Seliijan, are my family, my friends, and Nice, the city I was born and raised in. However it is as well my grandmothers place, the one she called home after a Parisien life.

 “ you didn’t know, but now you know, this brand is dedicated to her, Seliijan is her “

I was lucky to work with a small atelier in Nice, the fact that I was then able to go there everyday and had the luxury to readjust my work, discuss ideas and improve the samples. The quality of the material is extremely important to me as I opted for a maximum of natural and European fabrics. Our proximity to Italy and their ancestral know-how was an evidence. For the major part, my fabrics are coming from left overs of luxury Italian brands. All our collections will be available in limited quantities, the parcels will be prepared in our office in Nice, in a traditional way, and our packaging is 100% recyclable.


Yours sincerely Lison.